Since we became a little family, eight months ago, I have changed how I view family photographs. Before, I would have enjoyed photographing a family in a pretty scenic environment somewhere, not in their same old, day in, day out home! However now, I can’t think of anywhere more beautiful to document a family than in the comfortable, familiar space where life happens everyday. I treasure the routine we have every day and the comfort of my home and what it represents- our mornings together playing on the bed before work starts, Gracie standing at the window looking at the trees and birds, the wooden floor we pay games on, our dinner table where we eat and talk and the messy highchair we clean daily (or three times daily.) The familiar has become so beautiful to me as it holds many reminders of lovely, messy family life. I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather have my family documented. Meet Gracie girl, the absolute delight of our hearts.