I met Janneke a while before her wedding when we went for coffee, and I was instantly drawn to her! She makes you feel so loved and appreciated, and she genuinely treasures her family, friends and her husband Dirko! Their wedding was a vintage affair, complete with an off-white lacy dress, a hair net and an old turquoise VW van. Janneke’s dad not only gave her away, but also married her and Dirko, which was really special. By the end of the ceremony the rain had stopped and we had more than enough time for photos. Dirko and Janneke were so much fun to photograph, as they both had such big smiles and were very much in love! Their reception was held at Hamiltons, out on Old Seaview Road, and Janneke had decorated the tables beautifully with hessian, glass bottles and lots of white flowers. Wow! This was a special couple and I wish them all the best in Cape Town!

My three favourite things from this wedding: Janneke’e hair piece, their cool VW Van and the fact that her dad married them!